Personal Injury

Accidents happen every day in almost every facet of our lives. Some involve automobiles, others involve our workplace or occur in someone’s home. Still others involve products that do not perform as designed. There are some “true” accidents which refer to events that are truly beyond anyone’s control. However, almost all events that are commonly referred to as “accidents” are not pure accidents. They routinely involved actions by others that were completely within their control. Does that mean they are lawsuit worthy? Not necessarily. There are elements that would need to be proven in order to successfully prosecute a case. Even if an event is lawsuit worthy, is it practical to proceed? Again, not necessarily. Some suits would simply cost more to prosecute than could be gained in an award.

Why choose Brooks Law & Mediation for your personal injury case?

Personal injury suits are the only suits Brooks Law & Mediation will undertake on a contingency basis. A contingency means that you will only pay for our services if we successfully obtain an award either through trial or negotiate a favorable settlement that you agree with. Contingency plans will award Brooks Law & Mediation a percentage of your award after all expenses have been deducted. As you can see, for a contingency case there must be a potential award that exceeds your actual damages (e.g. pain and suffering, punitive damages, etc.) or you will not recover the full amount you need to make you whole. The award must also be collectable. In other words, the person who must pay you must have the assets or ability to pay the judgment. Of course, we will consider taking your case on an hourly basis which will require you to pay a retainer fee up front and keep the retainer funded for expenses as the case proceeds.