What is mediation? It is an alternative dispute process that is sanctioned by the Tennessee Supreme Court. In mediation, the parties to a dispute employ a neutral party to conduct the mediation. The goal is to give the parties an opportunity to have the most control they can have in the judicial process to attempt to reach a settlement of their dispute prior to court proceedings. TSC Rule 31 governs the selection, training, and conduct of Rule 31 mediators. Some courts in Tennessee require parties in disputes to attempt mediation before trials are set. What is in it for the parties? Mediation usually resolves some or all of the issues prior to court proceedings which ultimately saves the parties significant costs and frees up the court’s time for other matters that cannot be resolved otherwise.

Why choose Brooks Law & Mediation for your mediation needs?

Lee is a Rule 31 listed mediator for Family and General/Civil mediations. He is also specially trained in issues of domestic violence allowing him to mediate between parties in which an order of protection exists. A huge advantage for divorcing parties who wish to have the convenience of a “one-stop shop” is the ability to have their divorce legal documents drawn and filed and their issues mediated all in the same office. In order to take advantage of this unique benefit, both parties must agree to the terms of the representation and mediation. If the issues ultimately could not be resolved it is probable that both parties would have to seek the divorce action with other attorney(s) and mediator(s). However, a great many family mediations ultimately end in a resolution and the “one-stop shop” can be another effective cost-saving benefit.