Estate Planning

Take just a quick look around your home. All of your personal things and all the sentimental things that may have been handed down to you must go somewhere when you die. You will want it to be taken care of with the same care you gave it and the only way to do that is by choosing where it will go. There are two ways for your important items and things to eventually belong to someone else: either you decide where it goes or the court will decide where it goes. The same goes for providing care for your minor children. None of us enjoys thinking about our own death but it is an inevitable fact of life.

You have probably seen television commercials, heard radio commercials, or seen ads on the internet talking about an easy, low-cost Last Will & Testament. The only information that we at Brooks Law & Mediation agree with in these commercials is the urgent need for everyone to have a Last Will & Testament and to keep it up to date. What happens if the generic one-size-fits-all approach does not account for all the specific circumstances in your individual life? Unfortunately, when those questions arise in wills after the death of the person the court is left with the responsibility to determine the true intentions of the deceased. The only person who knows those intentions was you and if your will was not drafted accurately you are leaving the end results to a judge who most likely knew nothing about you and even less about your wishes.

Why you should let Brooks Law & Mediation prepare your Last Will & Testament?

We will be up front with you that we cannot compete with the low price these companies quote you. However, we are not that much more expensive and the personal service you get is exponentially more thorough to fit your specific circumstances. We tailor every will and testament to a client’s specific circumstances or unique situations. Often, even married couples will have unique needs in their last will and testament. Instead of cookie cutter documents that are designed to be one-size-fits-all, you’ll receive counsel from an experienced attorney who has dealt with last will and testament matters. You are hiring counsel to help prepare for the worst possible scenarios and provide for your family through your last will and testament if those worst possible events occur. We acknowledge that no one can positively promise to think of every possible situation but when you purchase your last will and testament from a website you are not being counseled by an attorney at all, you are simply filling in blanks. Are your life’s accomplishments not important enough to make sure they are entrusted to those you want after your death? Are they worth more than a fill in the blank form? Trust your life’s accomplishments and your treasures to a law firm that can help make sure your family gets what you want them to have. We care as much about your heirs as much as you.