Driving under the influence is a very serious and dangerous offense in Tennessee. It is one of the few offenses in Tennessee that cannot ever be removed from your record. It has far reaching effects in your life if you are charged and ultimately convicted of the offense. For example, you will lose your license to drive for at least a year. You will be required to obtain SR-22 insurance. You will have a minimum mandatory incarceration sentence. You will have a period of probation in which you must maintain a lawful lifestyle and report to a probation officer as required. Subsequent DUI convictions within specified time periods will result in increased punishment. If you refused to comply with the officer’s request to submit to a chemical analysis of your blood, you could lose your license to drive under the Implied Consent Law of Tennessee.

Why Choose Brooks Law & Mediation for your DUI case?

Over the course of his law enforcement career Lee was trained in DUI detection and enforcement. He was trained in how to accurately conduct the field sobriety tests. Did you know that the tests are to be conducted and scored according to specific instructions that the officers are told not to deviate from? Was the stop of your vehicle lawful according to the Constitutions of the United States and Tennessee?

You need an attorney that has the knowledge and experience to ensure that the officers conducted the investigation according to their training and according to what is required by law. There is no better experience you can put to work for you other than someone who has years of experience actually performing the tests and testifying in court. This is experience that cannot be taught to other lawyers in law school. It can only be learned in the field doing the job.