The divorce process can take a toll on the parties involved even beyond the injuries already inflicted in a failed relationship. Divorces can be either contested or uncontested. There are statutory waiting times after a complaint for divorce is filed. These times are different depending on whether or not there are minor children involved.

Beyond the statutory considerations, there are many other decisions that must be considered. How will the assets and debt of the marriage be divided? Who will be the primary residential parent? How much parenting time will each parent have with their minor children post-divorce? How much child support will be paid and to or by which parent? Are there alimony issues to consider?

Why choose Brooks Law & Mediation?

We are an experienced divorce law firm in Columbia, Franklin, Murfreesboro, Lewisburg, and Nashville. We will zealously represent you in a contested divorce and we will also provide you with complete and competent representation in an uncontested matter. In many uncontested divorces, one party may choose to not obtain legal representation in order to save on legal costs. However, we always recommend in such cases that both parties obtain independent legal advice.

In many divorce matters, mediation may be required or desired by the parties. We can offer convenience with one-stop service and provide legal representation and mediation services all under one roof (with the consent of all the parties involved). Please see our page on mediation services.